I’m back! Lets talk about the Green River Basin formation.

by libertyprodcts

The Green River Formation contains the largest oil shale deposits in the world. The 213 billion tons of oil shale contain an estimated 2.38 × 10¹¹ m³ (1.5 trillion US barrels). This is under Wyoming. The US uses about 7 billion barrels of oil per year. In this one deposit alone under Wyoming there is enough oil to last the US 142 years. Not to mention all the other deposits in Alaska, the Dakotas, Appalachia, and Michigan. Now before someone makes themselves look stupid, I’ll stop you right now. Don’t say “OO HvvvURR DURR IT WILL RUIN THE ENVIORMENT.” I’ve been to Wyoming, if you can make it into more of a wasteland, I’d be impressed and give you $20. So why aren’t we drilling our own oil? Unemployment would drop drastically, men and women with no “education” would be making $100,000/year, our price of gas would go down(causing food prices and everything else to go down), not to mention for every barrel of oil a private company pulled out of the ground, the government would be making big money off the royalties that could go towards paying our debt. O, and we wouldn’t be funding that pesky thing called the middle east. Can you imagine how much money the government would take in from taxes alone with thousands of new jobs paying $100,000/year?O I almost forgot, I’m going to stop someone else from looking stupid. “OO HURR DURR, WE CAN DRILL ONCE EVERYONE ELSE IS OUT OF OIL LOLOLOL”. No you stupid idiot, 200 years ago we were in covered wagons, now we have 40mpg cars, electric cars, hydrogen cars. Do you honestly think that in 200 years we will still be using oil as a source of fuel? Go be dumb somewhere else.


– Lowers the cost of everything. (Everything needs to get from point A to B. Everything.)

– Provides good paying jobs to many people.

– Widens and enriches the tax base.

– Government collects royalties (Maybe we can pay off our debt now?)

– Absolute economic boom.

– Stops funding countries that hate us.


– A mouse or two might die? I don’t know I can’t really think of any.

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