I, Jacob Miltner started Patriot Products on August 8th, 2011. I started this business out of frustration. Frustration that the United States of America, the one of legend, the one that generations before me grew up in and were proud of, was being taken from me. The founding fathers of America had it nailed when they wrote the Constitution of the United States of America. Read the words these men wrote, read what they said. The founding fathers vision for America is a far cry from what we have today, and the only way I see it ever being restored is through a revival of patriotism, and knowledge of what our founding fathers believed in. This is why I’ve chosen to sell T-shirts sporting founding father quotes, and ideology. I hope to get the word and knowledge out in sight of the everyday public on an ever expanding scale. I thank you for supporting me and the cause,

– Jake, conservative, capitalist, patriot.

Father(Left), Grandfather(Center), Jake(Right)